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Love Is...

When my kids were young and sometimes bickered, I talked with them about the verses about love from 1 Corinthians 13. After we talked, I wrote them on an index card and placed it at eye height on the fridge door. I was hoping when they opened the fridge, they’d see this reminder throughout the day, read it, and apply it.

It turns out I opened the fridge door the most and read these verses many times each day. As I moved away from the fridge to make breakfast and lunches for school, and hand out a snack or prepare dinner, I started meditating on these verses. Love is patient; love is kind. 

Then I noticed that often, I wanted my kids to respond to a request quickly or yelled out of frustration. My actions weren’t always patient or kind. Jesus began to work on my heart and change my interactions with my kids. Instead of reacting, I began to pray, God, help me be patient. I started the habit of taking a deep breath before responding and potentially being upset. It was my heart that changed. I remember finding myself in a situation that previously would have irritated me and instead discovering I was calm. A calm that only comes from Jesus. I silently said a prayer of thanks and continue to be thankful for the way Jesus changes me.

As my kids grew older, I saw what an amazing barometer those verses were to discern whether a relationship portrays healthy or unhealthy characteristics. I talked with my kids again about those verses and encouraged them to remember them for friendships and when they entered dating relationships. Love is not self-seeking…Love always protects.

At PIC, we couldn’t think of a better example than these verses and made a magnet with them. We invite you to purchase and place it on your fridge. All proceeds help us provide free books for urgent needs.


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