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Schertz, TX

@2016 Positively Impacting Communities.


When a droplet of water hits the surface of a pond, it creates a ripple effect, spreading outward, getting bigger, and impacting an area far beyond itself.  At PIC, we start as a single drop, and with God's love, our positive impact spreads throughout schools, homes and the community creating a place where individuals can thrive.

On Friday, as junior and high school students finished their last exam and school dismissed for the Christmas break, PIE Club members headed over to Mikulski Hall to start setting up for our 4th annual Christmas Food Giveaway.

Families whose children receive free or reduced fee lunches at Rose Garden Elem., Wilder Intermediate, Corbett Junior High and Clemens High schools are invited to attend; where they'll receive up to a 50...

On Thursday, Aug. 29th the PIC Food Pantry at Clemens High School opened for the 2019/20 school year. The food pantry is open Thursdays at the end of the school day for students and staff in need to pick-up food to take home. 

Flyers were hung in the school and invitations were emailed from the school to parents of students that qualified for free or reduced fee school meals. On average we serve 22 families each week rangi...

In early October the high school PIE Club took a field trip to the Intermediate school where they met the 5th & 6th grade PIE members. Once everyone was together, we played a fun ice breaker game to get everyone laughing and shake off any nervousness. Then we broke up into 8 groups of 10, they played the ice breaker game which had everyone laughing and spent about 10 minutes talking before rotating to the next group.

It's neat...

Last year, during Red Ribbon Week (annual anti-drug campaign) we asked a group of

junior high students why they should say no to drugs. We were surprised to learn they knew they should say no, but didn't know why. And with states legalizing marijuana they were confused about why it could be harmful. 

So this year, the high school PIE Club spent two weeks learning about the dangerous side effects of drugs, with the goal of educat...

Every summer I'm excited to see the kids and teens arrive, the bonds form and everyone grow in Christ. 

This summer children were nurtured academically, nutritionally and, probably most important, emotionally as they were supported by teens and adults in the community.

Each week the children picked out books in their reading level, read, discussed the story and visited with their mentor. After 40 minutes of reading, they moved o...

On Friday, May 31st - the day after school was released for the summer - the Summer Reading Mentor and FREE lunch program started with eight students, eight youth mentors and six adult volunteers. 

Every week of the last three summers I'm in awe how God perfectly orchestrates the number of volunteers to be exactly what we need and how He's reaching each person

Each child has a special story. The youth mentors are vital to...

On Thursday, Apr. 25th we officially opened the PIC Food Pantry at Clemens High School. The food pantry will be open Thursdays at the end of the school day for students and staff in need to pick-up food to take home. 

Invitations were emailed from the school to parents of students that qualified for free or reduced fee school meals. The first day we served seventeen families ranging in size from 1 to 8 family members; total fam...

Thursday was Christmas. That's the thought that keeps coming to mind. 

It was the last day of finals and school as the Christmas break began. At 12:00 noon,

three of the officers arrived at my house to load the 3400 non-perishables and toiletries that had been donated during the drive we held at Corbett. I saw God from the beginning. We were supposed to have two trucks, but at the last minute, one of the teens wasn't able to be...

Friday was the last day of the Summer Reading Mentor & Lunch program for the year and it was hard to see another summer draw to a close. 

I so enjoy watching the kids arrive, greet their peers and Reading Partners, seeing the smiling faces and hearing laughter as they work and play with the children. God was always present in a BIG way. 

When submitting their volunteer applications, several youth wrote they either wanted to...

From the beginning to the end, I saw God in every action and watched in awe as He unfolded His perfect plan

The SA Food Bank's Mobile Food Pantry was scheduled to arrive at 9:00 a.m. and we'd

asked the teen volunteers to arrive at the same time. I had planned to arrive at 8:30 to

set-up a few things, but the night before I kept feeling a nudge to be there at 8:00. Thankfully I listened. Another volunteer and I arrived at 8:00 a...

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