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Book: It Doesn’t Start with a Punch
  • Book: It Doesn’t Start with a Punch

    An intimate, practical guide to helping adolescents avoid or escape abusive dating relationships, including steps toward recovery, healing, and forgiveness


    Childhood and adolescence are full of firsts:

    First steps.

    First day of kindergarten.

    First recital or sporting event.

    First date.


    We cherish these milestones, but unexpected, subtle influences can throw life off course instead of allowing children to grow in healthy, fulfilling ways.


    In It Doesn’t Start with a Punch, abuse survivor and thriver Dee Dee Said shows how easily adolescents can become involved in an abusive relationship. Offering readers an intimate lens into her first dating relationship, which soon became abusive, Dee Dee explores how abuse can start subtly and grow, imparting deep wounds with long-lasting effects.

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