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PIC is closing

For the last eight years, God has moved and opened doors in amazing ways: from paving the way to start PIE club at three campuses in the Schertz Cibolo Universal City ISD, Food Giveaways, Summer Reading Mentors, high school students mentoring 5th & 6th grade + junior high students, college tours, and so much more.

Three years ago this week, through God opening doors and much help from volunteers and school support, the PIC Food Pantry opened at Clemens H.S.

A year later we had to close it due to Covid. For the last year, we've hit many obstacles as we worked to reopen it. After a year of trying - and denying signs - I finally began to accept God was closing doors He once opened.

As schools reopened, we ran into obstacles with PIE too. This is really hard and I've dragged my feet on it for about a year because I LOVE everything we've seen God accomplish and the hearts he's touched through PIC/PIE. As I've watched obstacles arise and doors gently close, the past year has been a grieving process of letting go and learning to accept.

Praising God for the lives of kids he touched in so many amazing ways:

* Bible verses and prayers shared in public schools.

* Teens "arbitrarily" showing up with a large box of food as a mom was praying for a way to put food in the cupboards (the family was down to a few cans of food and had no means to buy more)

that has spilled over to others through PIE and PIC. 🙏🙏

* Summer Reading Mentors where kids were fed body, mind and soul through time with older youth, Bible Story time and free lunches.

* Youth asking for ways to volunteer and through funds raised we were able to take them on a field trip to Haven for Hope where they learned about the work being done and were able to volunteer.

* Positive signs in 70+ bathroom stalls on a monthly basis

All these thoughts and more bring tears to my eyes. I'm so grateful to have been part of it, to meet so many amazing people, and watch teens deepen their desire and joy for helping others.

Friday we held the last PIE Club Food Giveaway - packaging what we had in storage to share with the school custodians and four families from Reading Mentors we've supported over the years. We gave gifts to the graduating seniors and also the few younger members - some that have been part of PIE club since 5th grade!

Over the years, as each door opened, it has been AMAZING, and I knew God was at work, but I've also always heard a voice whisper "what about the book?". Ten years ago, I wrote a book about abusive teen dating relationships and need to finish the editing so it can be published.

As I wrote this to our board a month ago, many times two realizations brought tears to my eyes:

* It was through research while writing the book that PIE Club was born.

* Also as I researched for the book I learned the child of an abuse survivor is 7 times more likely than others to also be in an abusive relationship.

Through God's forgiveness, I changed and became not only a different person but a different parent. The tears were in gratitude that my kids are where they are today. In healthy relationships with friends and loved ones. 🙌I know what we've done in PIE has touched not only the lives of my children and I but so many others.

While I'm sad to see the season of PIC/PIE end, I know God is still at work in the hearts of all.

Thank you all for your support over the years.


Dee Dee

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