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Mentoring incoming freshman

Last year one of the seniors in the Clemens PIE Club asked if we could visit the junior high and share with the 8th graders what she wished she had known coming into high school. We were able to make it happen and the presentation was well received so we've made it into an annual event.

For the last four weeks, the Clemens PIE Club has brainstormed, planned and practiced

the presentation for this year. On Tuesday, Feb. 11th the group presented to three groups of 8th grade students, sharing what they would have liked to know as they started high school, what would be helpful and what incoming freshman need to succeed.

They came up with the content on their own. Not only did they share information about the academic programs, study tips and GPA, etc. More importantly they shared their hearts:

  • It takes time to make good friends. Be patient and don't change for others.

  • Don't procrastinate - then shared personal examples.

  • You will see drugs or things you don't want to be part of - learn how to say no.

  • Find balance between extracurricular activities, school work and time with friends.

  • Know where your counselors are - they're there to help you; from academics to personal things

  • Communicate with your teachers - if they see you're effort, they'll help you more and if they know you they're likely to write letters of recommendation when you need them.

They really touched my heart so much as many in the group do not enjoy public speaking but they volunteered to be there, to present and help others. They all shined, pouring themselves into others.

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