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Teens Mentoring Younger Students

Last year, during Red Ribbon Week (annual anti-drug campaign) we asked a group of

junior high students why they should say no to drugs. We were surprised to learn they knew they should say no, but didn't know why. And with states legalizing marijuana they were confused about why it could be harmful.

So this year, the high school PIE Club spent two weeks learning about the dangerous side effects of drugs, with the goal of educating younger students and encouraging them to say no to drugs.

The kids were very receptive to the information and quite shocked to learn just how harmful drugs, including marijuana, can be. After learning the facts they were very motivated to help others. Below are a few of the slides we viewed to learn as well as posters they made to hang in the junior high.

A few of the harmful side effects they wanted to convey is that drugs can:

  • Cause anxiety

  • Cause lung infections and cancer

  • Hallucinations

  • Cause fertility issues and birth defects or leukemia to your future child

  • Harmful impact on your future

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