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PIC Food Pantry at Clemens

On Thursday, Aug. 29th the PIC Food Pantry at Clemens High School opened for the 2019/20 school year. The food pantry is open Thursdays at the end of the school day for students and staff in need to pick-up food to take home.

Flyers were hung in the school and invitations were emailed from the school to parents of students that qualified for free or reduced fee school meals. On average we serve 22 families each week ranging in size from 1 to 8 family members; for an average number of total family members of 70.

All are grateful to be able to access the pantry at the school.

We're enjoying seeing, visiting with and assisting students and their families again.

As a Partner Agency with the San Antonio Food Bank we're able to purchase produce, frozen items, dairy and bread at low rates. Neighbors and school clubs have donated non-perishables to offer a wider variety of items.

On Thursday mornings, two of our volunteers drive to the San Antonio Food Bank to pick-up produce, meat and poultry. Then they deliver it to the PIC Food Pantry at Clemens; unloading, organizing and setting up for when we open later that day.

Two more volunteers arrive when it's time to open. A few students arrive to select items from the pantry before they have to get on the bus. Others a little later with a parent to select items together. Boxes are filled with breakfast items, food for dinner and snacks.

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