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Mentoring and University Tour

In early October the high school PIE Club took a field trip to the Intermediate school where they met the 5th & 6th grade PIE members. Once everyone was together, we played a fun ice breaker game to get everyone laughing and shake off any nervousness. Then we broke up into 8 groups of 10, they played the ice breaker game which had everyone laughing and spent about 10 minutes talking before rotating to the next group.

It's neat to watch the anticipation and excitements of both sets of students to meet each other. And then as they talk, ask questions and share. The time together always flies!

After Wilder the Clemens students got back on the bus and went out for lunch. Since we meet each week across four lunch periods it was neat to have the whole group together.

The following week the Clemens students each selected a Wilder PIE student to write to until April. Throughout the school year they'll be pen pals, sending letters back and forth until we meet again before the end of the school year.


Over the next three weeks the high school group discussed a check list of things you should focus on each year of high school to prepare for college or career after graduation. The juniors and seniors shared their experiences on the items in the list.

Topics included keeping your grades high, creating a high school resume, admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and more.

Then we went on a field trip to tour Texas State University. Over two hours the group learned about the admission process, toured the school and had lunch in one of the cafeterias.

Below is part of the group that attended the tour. A special Thank You to Natural Bridge Caverns for sponsoring our field trips this year.

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