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Shining Lights 5K

In May, we held our first fundraiser, the Shining Lights 5K and 1 mile Fun Run. Three sponsors came forward, an in-kind donation and 47 runners and walkers participated.

We’d had a month of uncharacteristically beautiful weather, but the day before the event it poured all day. As we started packet pick-up that evening, the rain began to decrease and the clouds began to clear. When the sun rose the next morning it was a beautiful day. Participants and volunteers all remarked what a great day it was. I think we appreciated it even more due to the rain the day before. All morning I heard the song lyrics, when the sun comes in the morning play in my head. 😊

Turnout was lower than we originally hoped but as only God can do, it was the perfect size for our first year. We were able to talk with and really get to know members of the community that had come out to support the teens and PIC’s efforts. After expenses, the participation of this small but mighty group and donors, PIC netted over $900 towards the Summer Reading Mentor program and helping provide food to families in need.

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