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School Awareness Signs

In the fall we were asked to give a presentation on Sex Trafficking to approx.. 200 junior high and high school student council members from South Central Texas. We shared stories and provided information they could take back to their schools in order to raise awareness and protect others. Led by the Holy Spirit to follow God’s word to be bold and courageous, towards the end we showed the music video Virtue Makes You Beautiful. I love the message it gives teens and was overjoyed as they clapped along and then spontaneously stood and broke into applause at the end of the song. The

other highlight was closing with the Bible verses from 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 about what love is and recommended teens refer to it as a gauge to measure their friendships and dating relationships. It felt amazing to share God’s word in the school. I witnessed one teen take a picture of the slide with the Bible verses and another thanked me for sharing it in a public school.

After the presentation, I had the opportunity to visit with small groups of students as they rotated through stations. During one group a teen shared at her school they have a hotline number on the inside of every restroom door in their school. We loved the idea and asked Clemens High School if PIC could do something similar. They approved a rotating set of topics, a sponsor came forward to cover printing costs and a friend volunteered to make the signs. The Bathroom Ministry was born.

Every three weeks we post a new set of five signs on topics relevant to teens (stress, healthy/unhealthy relationships, drinking, abstinence, limiting social media, tips for studying and taking tests, etc. ) including information, tips, warning signs and a number to call for help. As we replace signs each time, a few of the previous signs are missing. In some cases it may be teens taking them down, but I believe some are taking the information with them. During PIE meetings, not realizing we’re part of the signs, teens have quoted the information to me. I know we’re reaching many with this information and ministry outreach. God works in amazing and creative ways!

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